How To Read The Music Sheets

These are the music sheets I hand out to the kids who come here for guitar lessons. The easiest way for me is to scan them and post them on the site. As a jpeg file. The songsheet you see on your browser is a compressed thumbnail of the original which WordPress (the people who run this really cool site) use to make the pages easier to load.

The best thing for you to do is right click the picture of the songsheet and select save this picture as then save it to your desktop and once you have saved it double click it (the file you have saved to your desktop) and it should open in windows Picture and Fax viewer.

The thing is by saving it you are saving the original from the wordpress servers rather than the compressed up thumbnail. Dig?


2 Responses to “How To Read The Music Sheets”

  1. I would like to know how to play Eric Clapton songs, such as the full version of Tears in Heaven, Change the world, Layla ect….

  2. I dont see a sheet!

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