Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

This is nice, and easy to play. The magic of this song is that E/G# chord. Slash chords like this( E ‘slash’ G# ) are often what is called a chord inversion. In the normal state of things the lowest note you hear when someone plays a chord is the root note of the chord. So for an E chord that is normally the 6th string, the low E. A chord inversion is where one of the other notes out of the chord gets used as a bass note and in this case the note used is the major 3rd of E which is G#. Slash chords dont have to be chord inversions – the main thing for us to remember is that the note after the / sign is an instruction for the bass player. So for E/G# we play the regular E chord and the bass player takes the G#. And the D is really Dsus2 which is just your regular D but with the first string open. I posted a video on how to play this just below the song sheet.

Remember these sheets are hard to read on this site – to read em most easily, print ’em if ya want or save ’em to yr ‘puter

Ya gotta click in the video twice to watch it – once to activate and once to play. If your connection is slow pause the playback while it downloads.

Chasing Cars


~ by jdguitar on March 10, 2007.

18 Responses to “Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol”

  1. It’s funny because I play a lot of chords using the same pattern as the E/G# chord you use here. Like, I’ll play a C as: x755xx (left to right, top E to bottom E), or an E as: x-11-9-9-x-x. I typically slide into the chord by sliding my ring finger to the bass 3rd interval, then bar the 5th and octave intervals. I just love that sound, it’s a relief from the typical power chord sound, and I use it both acoustic and electric. Thanks so much for your transcription!


  2. Awesome video, I hope you keep this up.

  3. great just starting playing guitar hope im not to old at 46 keep up good easy stuff so i can impress my son who can play already

  4. wonderful, just what I was looking for

  5. very well done. i was impressed. i watched ur video a couple of times and i was playing it no problem. now i just have to get it down on my fender and ill be set!

  6. what key should it be in?

  7. It is in the key of A. Generally the chord that a song starts with is the key that the song is in and if it finishes on that chord as well then it is a pretty safe bet. Like everything in music rules are not always true but this one is probably over 95% reliable.

  8. what is the strumming pattern?

  9. You can play this song just by strumming A E D A That is a four bar sequence that repeats over and over through the song. A medium tempo strum such as ‘down down up up down’ will do ya.

  10. Wow this is the best video i’ve seen. Very good. I’m just starting out playing guitar and am making this my first song to learn. Cool, thank you for such a great video, just what we need.

  11. Thanks alot

  12. Well done, was happier with the bar chords, but the standard chords were good too, Keep the vids coming. Thanks for your time

  13. Aww man this is an awesome video. Thanks for taking the time out and posting it.

  14. Thanks for this one I always wanted to play this song and now it’s easy.

  15. Great song i love being able to play it. Thanks. could you show how to play how far weve come by matchbox 20.

  16. good song for a beginner but what is the strum

  17. You didn’t get ahead of yourself, and you took the time to explain. Probably the best video for learning guitar I’ve seen.

  18. nice article

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