Dani California words and chords

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Nice strumming pattern with this and good to get it right.

The rhythm is 1&2_3&4_1&2_3&4 so applying that to the chords ya got

AAA_GGG_DDD_AAA_AAA_GGG_DDD_AAA (of course some are minors)

In the chorus bit it goes 1&2&3 on F then &4& on C followed by 1&2&3 on Dm then &4& on G


Am  G  Dm  Am ( x 2 )
Am                        G
Getting born in the state of Mississippi,
       Dm                                      Am
Her Poppa was a copper and her Momma was a hippy,
Am             G
In Alabama she will swing a hammer,
Dm                                        Am 
Price you gotta pay when you break the panorama,
Am           G                              Dm        Am
She never knew that there was anything more than poor,
Am                  G                          Dm     Am
     What in the world what does your  confidence take me for,
 Am                    G   
Black bandanna, sweet Louisiana,
 Dm                                Am
Robbing on a bank in the state of Indiana,
 Am                  G
She’s a runner, Rebel and a stunner,
 Dm                                 Am
Comin’ everyway saying “Baby watcha gonna?”,
 Am                         G               Dm       Am     
    Looking down the barrell of a hot metal 45,
 Am                G              Dm Dm
   Just another way to survive

      F                C   Dm 
California, Rest In Peace,
 G     F          C  Dm
Simultaneous release,
G     F                 C      Dm
California, show your teeth,
   G           F                   C       Dm
She’s my priestess, I’m your priest,
Yeah, yeah
Am                 G              
She’s a lover, Baby and a fighter,
 Dm                                         Am
Shoulda seen it coming when I got a little brighter,
Am                          G
    With a name like “Dani California”,
Dm                                   Am
Day was gona come when I was gona mourn ya,
Am             G 
    A little low,
                    Dm        Am
That she was stealing another bread,
Am          G          Dm  Dm
I love my baby to death

      F                 C  Dm 
California, Rest In Peace,
G        F           C Dm
Simultaneous release,
G    F                  C      Dm
California, show your teeth,
  G            F                    C      Dm
She’s my priestess, I’m your priest,
Yeah, yeah

 Bm                G           F#
Who knew the hardest side of you?
 Bm                   G        F#
Who knew what others died to prove?
 Bm            G           F#
Too true to say goodbye to you
 Bm           Bm
Too true to say, say, say
 Am                      G
Pushed the fader, Gifted animator,
 Dm                             Am
One for the now, And eleven for the later,
 Am                 G                                 
Never made it up to Minnesota,
 Dm                                   Am
North Dakota man, Was a-gunnin’ for the quota,
 Am              G                        Dm           Am
Down in the Badlands she was saving the best for last,     Am     G                 Dm                   E
It only hurts when I laugh,  Gone too fast
     F                 C   Dm 
California, Rest In Peace,
 G       F           C Dm
Simultaneous release,
 G    F                   C      Dm
California, show your teeth,
  G             F                    C      Dm
She’s my priestess, I’m your priest,
Yeah, yeah
     F                 C   Dm 
California, Rest In Peace,
         F           C Dm
Simultaneous release,
      F                 C      Dm
California, show your teeth,
               F                    C      Dm
She’s my priestess, I’m your priest,
Yeah, yeah

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Great solo. Dm pentatonic but in a tricky position. What is called the 3rd position. Some really good moves on this solo and on the whole album as well. 


Dani California Pickin’


“The music video for “Dani California” premiered on MTV on April 4, 2006. Directed by  Tony Kaye, acclaimed director of American History X the video is a quasi-chronology of the evolution of rock music; the band performs the song on a stage, but in a variety of outfits representing important figures and movements in the history of rock music.

However, in the June 2006 issue of UK Classic Rock magazine, Flea was quoted as saying, “We mainly did eras, not actual people: Rockabilly, British Invasion, Psychedalia, funk, Glam, punk, goth, hair metal, Grunge and ourselves being the sum of all those parts”. The clip finishes with the Red Hot Chili Peppers as themselves again, with flashbacks to the imitated artists featured earlier in the film. ”

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P.S. How did Dani the girl find time to sing songs to me beneath the marquee ? That’s the bit I don’t get.


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23 Responses to “Dani California words and chords”

  1. (Mr. Burns voice) exelent

  2. Crazy bit please!!

  3. thanks alot JD this helped me alot!!! i’ve been working on this song for a day and now i got it !!!! u helped alot man ! chow

  4. great i love the song

  5. I struggle to learn from tabs so I need to watch and copy.This is the 1st time I have seen a lesson with a video and you make it look so easy, even I should be able to pick this up.Many thanks and I will be back for more.

  6. Great work, thanks for sharing. =]

  7. dude try putting a track on your page. like the song. so what i know what im supposed to be playing! der-da-der!

  8. wow now i can play the full song thx.

  9. awesome piece of work.

    thanks for inspiring me

  10. thx im learnig with guitar teacher

  11. Well hi there,
    Very nice tabs and stuff,
    One thing is confusing me, you notated the solo in two different ways, in the third and a higher pos. , which is the best to use?

  12. I’m workong on this song since one month, and it’s very helpful to see someone play it easily.
    Thanks for your job.
    Sorry for my english ‘casue i’m french (zuooouuuuppp…)

  13. Hello and thanks for the lesson. I am twelve years old and live in Montana, USA
    I am having trouble with the bridge, getting to sound right.
    Do have any advise?


  14. Great, very helpfull. Very good job.

  15. great ty heaps c u mon lol

  16. hey this helped out alot im just alittle stuck on the solo, but maybe i just have to listen to the song alittle bit more

  17. hey awsome stuuf dude

  18. Hi mr JD
    I’m mr whoever
    Love yr interpretations
    they are very close and as useful as mine
    looks like your having much fun man
    much harmony to you my friend

  19. Awesome dude 🙂
    Helped me out heaps

  20. I’m really just starting guitar but i want to learn this song so bad

  21. Cheers for these and making it all so easy!!

  22. that is so cool thanks dude

  23. wow it`s cool, i’ve been looking this infromation for a long time…thx for share

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