Kieran’s guitar

Kieran has new pickups for his guitar so the plan is replacement of his current pickups which he feels are a bit lacking The pickups in the guitar now are lacking in tone and prone to squealing when plugged into his amp and with the gain cranked up. (take a look at his guitar case for a clue as to why high levels of volume and gain are the preferred playing style)

Kieran's guitarGat.JPGpickups.JPGThe new pickups

Step 1. Mark the new pickups so that they can't be mixed up with the old pickups wnen the Precaution.JPGold pickups are out of the guitar.

Sign.JPGThe case

2.unscrew the pickups from the frontpickup out.JPG

3.Remove the covers from the backback.JPG

4.The innardsinnards.JPG

5.This is where the bridge pickup is wired to its volume controlbridge term.JPG6.Use a soldering iron to remove the old wires then install and solder in the new pickup wires.

how safe.JPG7.How safe is this? Soldering iron plugged into extension cord into splitter into splitter into splitter into another splitter into an extension cord into the wall outlet.When buying an old house always check how many electric outlets there are in each room.

pickup bracket.JPGThe pickups are attached to the guitar using this fiddly awkward bracket which is also the pickup height adjustment.

Screw her together, retune the strings and plug'er in.


~ by jdguitar on June 7, 2006.

One Response to “Kieran’s guitar”

  1. A truly amazing piece of work. I loved it. I have sent info to my son Chris at FCB in Auckland. Cheers and good luck with it Maree

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