When September Ends – Green Day

I love this band. They are never afraid to do the obvious or recycle cliches but they make it sound so good !! If you are writing songs never be afraid of G Em C D, just because it has been done a million times before. The reason it has been done a million times before is simple – it sounds so complete and it never fails to satisfy.

I use this song a lot for NCEA here in New Zealand. To me it is the ideal Level 1 song – it has picking, strumming, power chords and a guitar lead part.



~ by jdguitar on March 31, 2007.

14 Responses to “When September Ends – Green Day”

  1. What a great blog you have here. Glad I stumbled upon it.

  2. Do you have a cold, your voice sounds a bit different.

  3. Just come across this too from the UK. Brilliant blog. I’ll be coming often.

  4. Isle of man here :O)
    I found this site by accident as well…
    Dude keep it up……the way you break em down is great….
    Love the vid “how to”…
    I check back regularly to see what’s new..
    Keep up the blog…
    At lease the ball n chain is happier with my piss poor attempts to convince her I can become an international god or rock!!! LOL

  5. what’s the chord you have going in between G and Em?

  6. What’s the chord you have going between G and Em?

  7. Do you think you could do a video of Layla by Clapton? Your Tears in Heaven video is brilliant.

  8. JD, thanks for creating this blog. I have been fumbling around on the guitar for 15 years, never able to do more than chord along to a few easy tunes. I found your site this afternoon and this evening I’m playing Clapton and Green Day like I know what I’m doing. Your teaching style is non-threatning and easy to understand. Keep doing what you are doing. I hope to see you select a handful of YOUR favorite songs (not necessarily requests) and post more videos. I’m a fan. I’ll check back often.

  9. Pinnacle of Awesomeness.

  10. Brothers and Sisters in Rock, I cannot predict when I can return to monitor this site, but my thoughts are with you. I am painting my house and thinking about getting the blues band together again. As you can see I am most occupied. Pick and grin children, pick and grin.

  11. i can understand you pretty well but im not sure how to strum it(tears in heaven was the best vid)

  12. Wow! Thank you dude! ur good!

  13. You’re the man, JD!

  14. Hi!, I’m Francisca, I’m 16 years old, I’m from Chile (:
    I love your blog!, I play the guitar for 4 or 5 years ago, and I like your posts (songs)
    Thank you for that !

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