1st Lesson

If you are a beginner on the guitar then the first lesson you will get from me nearly always goes like this…

First of all we need to name some of the parts of your guitar – luckily not too many of them but these ones are important.

Adopt the usual playing position. I recommend sitting the guitar on your right knee so that you can strum the strings with your right hand and your left hand fingers can rest against the strings.

The first thing we need to know are the names of the strings. We simply number these from the 1st string, which is the thinnest string, the highest pitched string, and also the string closest to the floor, up through the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and last the 6th string which is the fattest string and also the string at the top of the guitar.

Now look at the end of the neck furthest away for you and you will see a strip of white plastic running across the neck with grooves in it obviously to space the strings across the neck. This white plastic bit is called the nut.

Second are the frets. These are the pieces of wire which run across the neck of the guitar and these are numbered as well. After going over the grooves in the nut the strings go up the neck towards the body of the guitar and they pass over the first fret, second fret and third fret (etc etc but we will only be using the first three frets for awhile )

Next set of numbers we have to know are the fingers of your left hand or fretting hand (Your right hand is doing the strumming or picking or adjusting the volume of your amplifier ) Next to your thumb is your first finger then comes your second (or middle) finger and your third finger. The fourth finger is more accurately called your pinkie but don’t worry about that you won’t be using your pinkie finger for ages.

Okay if you are ready to go and your guitar is tuned up (now that is a whole seperate subject) then when I say to you…

“Place your 3rd finger on the 1st string so that it presses the first string down onto the 3rd fret” 

You will know exactly what to do!

When your third finger is holding down the 1st string make sure your finger is behind the 3rd fret. That is not on top of the 3rd fret but just on the nut side of the 3rd fret.

Now we are ready to strum. Strum downwards on the lower four strings (4,3,2,1) and you are strumming a chord called G


3 Responses to “1st Lesson”

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  2. hey thanks this has helped alot but if you could i need to know how to tune up my guitar

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