A guitar tuner, new songs and how to play ‘Happy Birthday’.

Hey I got a real good tip about a guitar tuner which can be downloaded from the internet and installed on your computer. It is a guitar tuner which you can use to tune electric or acoustic guitars ( you just have to figure out how to get the sound from your guitar into your PC ) . It is called AP Tuner and you can get it from here.

It works pretty good, better than a lot of other guitar tuners which I have found on the internet and tried on my PC before.

It is what I think they call nagware which means its free but everytime you use it you will be nagged about buying it. Just click ‘evaluate’ if you want to try it before you decide to buy it.

 When it is installed you have to go into the screen ‘recording’ then ‘windows recording control’ and select how you are going to get your guitar sound into your computer. If you have a microphone (sometimes the mic is built into the monitor) select the mic as the input. I have got a mixer going into the ‘line in’ on our PC soundcard so I selected ‘line in’ and it worked easy. (Except for the obvious fact that anything to with a pc is never going to be that easy.) Another tip; go into the screen called ‘Note’ and then ‘Note Preset’and make sure that ‘Guitar – Standard E’ is checked.

It seems like I haven’t been doing a lot of posting on my guitar page lately but I am always editing and adding to the posts and songs that are already here. Plus I am reluctant to push ‘Dani California’ off the front page because it gets so much traffic.

I am working on 3 new songs for the studio this week. ‘Who Knew’ by Pink, ‘Your Song’ by Elton John and ‘Tell Me Baby’ by the Chilli’s. The Chilli Peppers are a teaching staple – hard enough to be challenging but not so hard as to be impossible – and it doesn’t hurt that their songs are really catchy and very cool. Green Day are another band that fits into that catagory (simple catchy and cool, if only it was that easy ! we could all be doing it ). Nirvana were the greatest power chord lesson band. Pink has a great song that only has one chord in it ! It is called “Get This Party Started’ and it’s  Bm all the way (“Iiiiiii’m comin up so you better get this party started” – Hey that’s my theme song when I’m clubbin’ it). I have been saying that this was the first Elton John song we had ever done but not so ! we did that ‘Candle In The Wind’ remake that he played for Princess Diana’s funeral.

I have been thinking that I will shift all of the songs off this site and on to another site so that they can all be reached by links from here kinda like what I have already done with ‘You’re Beautiful’ 

P.S. Check out the ‘Happy Birthday’ lesson – you know you will need it one day.

P.P.S. I have added a new page to my guitar site (what you are reading now is a post, the pages are listed down the side) the new page is called : All The Songs On This Site


~ by jdguitar on August 7, 2006.

3 Responses to “A guitar tuner, new songs and how to play ‘Happy Birthday’.”

  1. The happy birthday was really cool but it didnt really help me at all i stil dont know how to play it!!!

  2. The AP Tuner with nags is not the same as the original AP Guitar Tuner which I downloaded from http://www.bigrockeng.com/apgt.html I’ve been using it for years without nags.

  3. You have covered many interesting things in this article. I came across this by searching Google and I have to admit that I am now subscribed for your website, it’s very great (:

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