Guitar Crazy !

Here are a couple of good sites I found; GuitarGeek, which is a great site for guitar, amplifier and effects pedal gearheads and Guitarshredshow which is a site that kind of defies description really. Guitar geek is pretty straightforward, a site for everyone who thinks distortion pedals are a necessity of life, up there with guitars and an internet connection, and it has some great guitar rigs from all types of guitarists, not just the real well known ones.

Guitarshredshow is worth a couple of visits, it seems to have some real lessons there ( I wish you could slow them down and make it easier to try and learn them ) and if you get sick of trying to learn them make sure you head for the jam. You don’t have to play anything just hold down any key on your pc keyboard and jam like crazy – it sounds good !

We are halfway through term 3 already and it has turned into the girl song term. First it was Who Knew by Pink, then Other Side of the World by KT Tunstall and now High School Musical fever has struck. Breaking Free is the first track we have been playing. The easiest way to play it is to capo your guitar at the 3rd fret then the chords are Am, F, D, C, G. Towards the end there is a key change and it moves up a whole step but still not too difficult. Another girl song – Breathe by Anna Nalick. Seems easy until you try and strum it. 6/8 time or any kind of triple time is always going to be tricky to strum.

Dani California is still a song that a lot of guitarists are interested in and Tell Me Baby, the follow up to Dani California from the Chili’s has been a lot of fun to learn also. I can’t help feeling that Tell Me Baby is riding in on the coat tails of Dani a bit. The Chili’s have always had that funky side I guess it’s just not quite as much fun to play along to as their slower more melodic stuff. Nice intro but and that intro is a good little fingerstyle workout.

If you are struggling to get started with reading tab for guitar check out my How to Read Tab lesson and leave a message let me know what you think if it is helpful.(or not) 

Guitarists are great. I think I can pick a guitarist pretty quickly now although I have learned never to make a judgement about anyone’s guitar or musical ability.  I remember when I started out heaps of people including my family and other musicians told me I didn’t have ‘it’ whatever that was but did I let that put me off? no way man I was addicted, intrigued, hung up and there was nothing else for it, I just had to play. Guitarists are special people no doubt about it, we are fascinated by music but also by tight steel strings, closely grained wood, shiny chrome, guitar pickups (single coil and humbucker), whammy bars, amplifiers, speakers, effects pedals and most of all by other guitarists. We are a special lot never doubt it. Since the dawn of time (the 50’s) we have ruled the world of music and baby, there is no end in sight. They try and try but there ain’t no computer program that can play like we can play. They need us, and we are available (at the usual rate of course – no cheques please, cash only )


~ by jdguitar on August 31, 2006.

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