This is me

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geoff-band at fishfest4.jpg At Caroline Bay

 UnionBlues.jpgIn Oamaru

Studio 1.JPGThe studio in a mess

My first gigimg.jpgThat’s me standing on the table playin’ th’ Tea-Chest Bass.

With Stratimg_0001.jpg

At the Speights Alehousedsc02456-small.JPG

Check this out! I had a band for years called the ‘Union Blues’ or ‘JDs Union Blues’ or ‘The JB Union Blues Express’ The lineup changed a lot but in one of the earlier versions we actually managed to record a CD. Here is a link to our site. Wait for a bit when you get to the band site and one of our songs will start.

Any comments about the site? email me at


7 Responses to “This is me”

  1. hey how do u play tears in heaven?? do u have pictures in to where u put ur fingers


  3. Nice pictures Jeff!!!!!!

  4. 72000 hits and noone has told spotty 2 cruel

  5. dude i think u are a legend i am trying to learn guitar and am finding it very hard

  6. hay geoff.chris here from temuka.What waz that software called for saving and playing music files

  7. i want to play how you 🙂

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