You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

I saw James Blunt playing this song on telly here in NZ and he capoed his guitar up on the 8th fret and instead of playing in the key of C he started with a G. This version capoed at the 3rd fret sounds fine and doesn’t require a lot of fiddling with the tuning which you seem to need further up the neck.

If I have a choice I always prefer to use the capo on even numbered frets because that keeps the fret marker dots on the dotted frets same as no capo Capo on the 3rd fret puts you’re in the same key as the song and means you can play along with the CD which is one of the best ways to practice.

Notice how the 3rd fret of the first string (the note G) rings through all of the chord changes. Get your little finger on that note and leave it there through all of the verse. In the chorus we have been changing back to standard shapes. It is a tough song to sing that guy can get so high.

When I draw a chord symbol in a circle it is supposed to mean strum for one bar. When the circles are connected by a line it is our way of showing that the chords are in the same bar and means they get two beats each.

That is the lead part at the top of the music sheet – listen to the song for the timing.

James Blunt Link


Some ‘a these thumbnails don’ open so good in Internet Explorer. If you single click the thumbnail you could select ‘save’ and save it to your desktop and then you could open it from there with windows pictures and fax viewer – that seems to work better with these gif images.


~ by jdguitar on January 3, 2007.

5 Responses to “You’re Beautiful – James Blunt”

  1. Thanks alot..

    best lesson i’ve had online…. I’m only new to quitar but your sheet really helped me.. Still don’t understand the main strumming.. Email me if you can.. I don’t understand the Stumming chart. What does the B stand for and the beginning part is two strums for tthat 1/4note? But thanks


  2. Dear kelly , you are my favorite singer. i love your songs. love yah bye.

  3. rriiigghht ya bunch of freaks

  4. Thanks for the lesson!
    Keep it up

  5. i play on 8th fret,
    much better sound
    but i nee to kn how to actually play the chorus.
    i have the verse perfectly

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