Breathe – Anna Nalick

Breathe is right that is what you have to do if you want to sing this song. That first verse you don’t get a breath until after “I don’t love him”

Tricky strum – more on that to follow. Most of the time signatures (the beat ) that we play in are what is called duple in other words the beats divide by two and by four etc. Some time signatures are triple and this is where the beats are divided by three. An obvious example is a waltz (“1 2 3 1 2 3”)


Triple strums require you to think in 3’s instaed of 4’s and it is an adjustment. If you have to play a song in 3/4 time you have to force yourself to count in 3’s for awhile. I mean it, ya gotta say to ya’self “123123123123 accenting the 0ne to get y’self in the feel. Strumming I usually go for 1_2&3_1_2&3_ with the 123’s as down strums


~ by jdguitar on March 3, 2007.

5 Responses to “Breathe – Anna Nalick”

  1. i would love if you could explain more about stumming in a triple meter. thanks

  2. Would be great a video of you playing this song…

  3. thanks, the strumming REALLY helped on this song

  4. i can now play this song really really well…this website is one of the best ones i have ever come across in terms of guitar playing…your section on tabs really helped too, as well as your video for “chasing cars”. “breathe” is one of my all-time favortie songs and i am so glad i can play it!

  5. this didn’t really help-___-

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