Behind Blue Eyes – words and chords

A Studio standard. I have probably played this more often than Fred Durst (or Pete Townshend for that matter )

This is great practice for what we call our slow strum. The version below is played at 61 beats per minute which is about one beat per second so if you count ‘1,2,3,4’ at a rate of one number per second you are counting at 60bpm. This is too slow for our standard strum so count ‘1,2,3,4’ then,’1&2&3&4&’, now strum down on 1, down on 2 and down on the & after2 then down on 3, down on 4 and down on the & following 4. So strum-

 ‘down (rest)down down down(rest) down down’. or-


Check this out

In the following song sheet I have written it so that each chord written in a circle is 2 beats. That is each chord gets a  ‘down (rest)down down’ strum. I am not very consistent in this I know, sometimes it is 4 beats sometimes 2 (sometimes both in the same song) but this is 2 beats per chord



~ by jdguitar on July 23, 2006.

5 Responses to “Behind Blue Eyes – words and chords”

  1. write bigger

  2. You are supposed to print it out not read it off the screen you gimp

  3. ah good song jeff or geoff lol

  4. Just like Limp Bizkit you left out the hardest part, the bridge! “When my fist clenches…”

  5. He has it hear like Limp Bizkit sings it… 🙂

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