Fingerpicking – ‘Brain Damage’

This is a great track but even without vocals just picking it solo it sounds pretty cool and way harder than it really is (and we all like that)

I always imagine songs on a graph with the difficulty on the vertical axis and the coolness of sound on the horizontal axis. Ok so what we are looking for is cool sounding but easy to play, we strive for cool sounding but difficult to play and we sometimes have to accept not-that-cool-sounding if they are easy to play. What we have to avoid is difficult and not good sounding songs in our repertoire.

Anyway this song by Pink Floyd is a great song with a nice guitar part – learn this and play it (casually like) in front of your mum and dad (ok ok maybe your granma and grandad would be more like it.) and I can almost guarantee it will send them off  reminiscing and rummaging through a big old pile of albums looking for the original track.


~ by jdguitar on March 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Fingerpicking – ‘Brain Damage’”

  1. Good to see you back!!! last time i had checked your site was when i had just started to play guitar a couple of years back!!

  2. yes very happy to see you back

    love your site

    thank you

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