Hullo from Geoff !

Hi there,

this is the first post in what I hope is a continuing series as a background to our work in the guitar studio.

My theory is that you guys will check in here, pick up some extra information about the lessons we have been doing, maybe download the music sheet we have been working on if you missed it (or lost it more likely) maybe even download some music. Who knows.

One thing is for sure this is a good place to add your own input guys! If you have any suggestions about songs we should do or any ideas at all be sure to leave a comment.

We have been working hard on barre chords all through the first term and I have to say some amazing progress has been made. It seems not long ago that hardly anyone could play Bm and now heaps of you are playing barre chords all over the neck!! Great work but we still all have the same problem – playing barre chords is one thing but remembering their names is a whole other problem.

The thing is as I am sure you have heard me say before is that when you learn one of the open chords, C G D7 and the rest it is easy to memorize the name and the shape at the same time. Lets face it they are all different and after a while you only have to see ‘C’ and your fingers can find the shape all by themselves. With barres it is different – they pretty much are all the same shape with small variations and they have a completely confusing amount of names. Some of them even have two names as you have found out. Very confusing and very difficult for me as your teacher to find the best approach. Let me go over it again.

There are four basic barre chords – the E shape, the Em shape, the A shape and the Am shape. Play those four chords on your guitar (E, Em, A, Am) and study their shapes. Now play them without using your first finger so they still sound the same. By moving these shapes up the neck and using your first finger as a barre (imagine your first finger is a capo) you are playing barre chords. Great but what are they called !! That is next problem. What we have to do is find the root note of each chord and knowing the name of that root note work out the name of the chord. Excellent – but what on earth is a root note !! Now we might be getting somewhere some basic chord theory but that will have to wait for another post.

Here is a post for you – Tears in Heaven and this is full of chords. I am uploading this as an experiment so let me know if it works.

 Tears in Heaven Chords

(Single click this thumbnail and you will see a larger version of this sheet. Now hover over the sheet with your mouse and select whichever option you prefer – print, save etc)

See you in the Studio !!!


~ by jdguitar on May 14, 2006.

4 Responses to “Hullo from Geoff !”

  1. This is great

  2. this is a very handy website it has taught us how to do barre chords i cant wait for the next post 🙂

  3. this is a very handy website it has taught us how to do barre chords i cant wait for the next post 🙂 you are a great guitar teacher

  4. You Rock!!!

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